Office Equipment Repair & Service


Does your printer need more ink? Is your copier not working? Maybe it’s trouble with software compatibility, or hardware integration. No matter the issue, call us.

At MEEC we believe it’s never worth allowing work production to halt, or even slow down due to equipment trouble—especially not when a dedicated team of MEEC office equipment repair specialists is just a phone call away. With years of experience, the professionals at MEEC are standing by to promptly repair what’s broken so that you can get back to doing what you do best—running your business!

Benefits of MEEC’s Expert Office Equipment Repair Services

With our easy-to-use online service system you can track repairs and call up frequent service orders for your convenience. We bring speed and simplicity to your fingertips to ensure nothing but superior customer service.

Other benefits and advantages of the office equipment repair services at MEEC include:

  • Years of office equipment repair and value-add experience
  • Top quality brand name products, equipment, and accessories
  • Industry leading technology and tools
  • Trained, licensed, and experienced technicians and customer service professionals
  • Annual Service Agreement availability for improved maintenance and cost savings
  • Save time and money by getting the repair done right the first time

Let our team go to work at repairs so your office can continue being efficient and productive. We are determined to provide solutions and are not satisfied until the repair is complete and our customers are happy.

Questions about how our office equipment repair professionals can go to work for you? Don’t wait! Don’t let office production slow down! Give us a call today and we’ll get the job done.

MEEC is your prompt solution for office equipment repairs. We know when an office machine goes down; it can greatly affect the efficiency of your business, or prevent a major project from getting completed. Turn to the expert professionals at MEEC to restore your business equipment to normal operation.

Not only are we prompt, our office equipment service technicians have experience of office machine repair, and all of our work is guaranteed. We can either come to your place of business, or you can enjoy the convenience of our pickup and delivery service.

Our Technicians are all well trained, your office machines will be repaired properly, using manufacturer authorized parts, and installed according to their exact specifications.

Choosing MEEC for your office equipment repairs will give you the peace of mind of knowing you are getting the most of your current equipment without prematurely having to spend money on upgrading your equipment when there is still life and value in the equipment you already own.

Basically, if you can plug it in and it's at your office, our knowledgeable and friendly experts can repair your equipment and get your business running at peak efficiency!

We are trained and qualified to work on almost any type of equipment you may have.

Home Computer Services

Getting Started on a brand new system or Upgrading your current system, MEEC's Tech Team can make the transition smooth and hassle free. Ask for MEEC's new PC set-up service.

Home Network Installation

Routers, switches and firewalls, MEEC's Tech Team can assemble and install the perfect Network


MEEC Drive Saver Data Recovery

Drive Savers engineers are the best in the industry at dealing with logical and physical data loss.

Space X



Books by MEEC Publications

Modern LCD Monitor - Introduction & Troubleshooting

Modern LCD Television – Introduction & Troubleshooting

Modern Plasma Television - Introduction & Troubleshooting

CRT Television – Introduction & Troubleshooting

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MEEC offers a personalised help on electronics repairs through phone call, sms, email and mail. The assistance may include consultation, guidance, clarification, answers and any other form of assistance that may be needed. The help may include schematics, graphics and any other form of drawings that may be considered necessary.

For project materials, and any other need, just call, SMS or email askmeec


Video Production



MEEC has decades of electronics experience ranging from pocket radio repair to Plasma TV repair - Assembling of electronics devices and electronics research projects. MEEC speaks not only English, but speaks also electronic.


We have been in the repair/service business for many years - From Valve age, through solid state to integrated world. We are fully equipped with Modern repair and service work station.

Circuit Diagrams

Working on a specific section of an equipment, some capacitors kaput, some resistors discoloured or printed circuit charred? You need a schematic diagram or board photo of that specific section. Just call, SMS, email or mail your order and schematic or board photo will be sent to you.