The Art of Success of Electronics Profession


With countless new electronic products or equipment reaching the market, there is a large demand for electronic repair technicians and engineers. As a result, you may be interested in moving into the electronics repair field. The electronic servicing field is considered a prestigious job. If you are really good in your work, there is almost no competition and you can acquire skills that allow you to earn enough money. Servicing is an ideal combination of your intelligence, efficiency and easy mechanical work. By gaining more experiences the efficiency and skills automatically becomes instinctive.

Many electronic equipment servicing operations are simpler than you may think. You will be surprised to learn that most servicing problems have simple causes - worn cables, dirty connectors, a loose screw in the works, and so on. Almost any end-user can check for this kind of problem.

However, there may be other problems caused by component failure. You may give up and say "I'm not an expert in electronics". You may be surprised to learn that many troubleshooting jobs do not require much detailed knowledge of electronics. Even in a professional troubleshooting operation, the technician or engineer may not have a detailed knowledge of the circuitry. Electronics servicing is not mysterious or difficult; it only requires your patience and some basic knowledge in electronics.

Every second, electronics equipment breaks down and more technicians and engineers are required to ensure a good repair job is done.

If you are thinking of becoming an electronics repair technician or engineer, you need some qualifications. Get at least a certificate in basic electronics or its equivalent through electronic courses. You can go far beyond this by continuing up to a diploma level. As you progress, you will discover your weakness. Then you find out more by attending professional courses or reading related books. Of course, the higher the level you go, the better.

If your desire is self-employment, you can take an apprentice course. You can start from a workshop as an assistance or casual recruit.

You can also take electronics course online as you go on with your normal work routine.

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All but very few workshops are equipped with tools or at least the right tools. Working without tools is like a blind person without a white-cane navigating his/her way in a big city.

It is a noble idea to invest on tools and test equipment. In this book apart from components, i have put a lot of emphasis on tools and Troubleshooting methods.

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The Art of Success in Electronics Profession –

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MEEC offers a personalised help on electronics repairs through phone call, sms, email and mail. The assistance may include consultation, guidance, clarification, answers and any other form of assistance that may be needed. The help may include schematics, graphics and any other form of drawings that may be considered necessary.

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MEEC has decades of electronics experience ranging from pocket radio repair to Plasma TV repair - Assembling of electronics devices and electronics research projects. MEEC speaks not only English, but speaks also electronic.


We have been in the repair/service business for many years - From Valve age, through solid state to integrated world. We are fully equipped with Modern repair and service work station.

Circuit Diagrams

Working on a specific section of an equipment, some capacitors kaput, some resistors discoloured or printed circuit charred? You need a schematic diagram or board photo of that specific section. Just call, SMS, email or mail your order and schematic or board photo will be sent to you.